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Sun Valley is a formally recognized neighborhood by the City of Denver with a compact census tract of 0.64 square miles. The neighborhood is bound by Colfax Avenue and the Broncos Stadium on the north, Federal Boulevard on the west, 6th Avenue and the light industrial district on the south, and the South Platte River on the east.

Sun Valley is Denver’s lowest income neighborhood and home to less than 1,500 people. The majority are residents of the Denver Housing Authority’s 333-unit, distressed public housing site located in the heart of the neighborhood. Other residents live in Mercy Housing’s transitional housing, Decatur Place. There are a small number of single-family homes throughout Sun Valley.
The Sun Valley EcoDistrict Trust—or SVED, for short—is the master developer entity structured to lead the districtwide implementation and sustainable redevelopment of Sun Valley, a neighborhood in West Denver. SVED is a nonprofit entity, separate from the City and County of Denver and the Denver Housing Authority.

SVED evolved from DHA’s ongoing process to redevelop its existing public housing. That project, known as the Sun Valley Choice Neighborhood, recently received a $30 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help launch that redevelopment project. DHA will manage its HUD grant and work with SVED to successfully accomplish this redevelopment, with SVED providing master development oversight, additional funding and catalytic programming.
In alignment with DHA’s CNI project, SVED is leading the comprehensive, district-scale redevelopment of the entire Sun Valley neighborhood. This is where the lifestyle, economic, transportation, energy and other assets of a revitalized Sun Valley will take root.

SVED is committed to delivering projects with a social return and an economic benefit to community members and the city as a whole. Initiatives will include projects related to owner-occupied and rental housing, youth and education facilities and programs, international food and micro-business services; and parks and open space. SVED will also oversee, in partnership with the City, the design and construction of district infrastructure and roadways, as well as district-based energy.
The SVED initiatives will build upon existing community assets and cross-sector partnerships in order to lead a comprehensive redevelopment process and successful revitalization. SVED’s established partnerships include key local stakeholders such as the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, the Broncos, the City, DHA and Xcel. SVED is collaborating with the University of Colorado, Denver University, Colorado State University and Regis University to bring the most up-to-date urban planning and redevelopment resources to Sun Valley. SVED’s work also is attracting national support, including partnerships with EcoDistricts, U.S. Green Building Council, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and several federal agencies.

Through SVED’s master development, collaboration with DHA, strategic partnerships and comprehensive social and economic vision, the Sun Valley community will transform itself into the next great neighborhood in Denver, providing opportunity and quality of life to its residents and the entire Denver area.