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As the master developer entity in Sun Valley, SVED will build from the strong foundation of community outreach and planning efforts that have occurred over the past several years led by dynamic partners with on-going commitment and cross-sector collaboration. The core of this foundation and SVED’s strategy to gauge equitable and thoughtful transformation, are the six GROW Principles:

Grow Principles in Sun Shape

These principles are derived from intensive community outreach and feedback gathered over multiple planning efforts. During the most recent CNI planning process, eight focus groups were organized to ensure the community voices were heard on specific aspects of the redevelopment: housing, Jobs, Education, Riverfront & Open Space, Energy & District Solutions, Connectivity & Commercial, Food & Health, and Lower Colfax. Focus group meetings provided members with updates and the opportunity to provide continued feedback throughout the planning process, ensuring goals and priorities were illustrated in the final draft. From the focus groups, the six Grow Principles became a record of the feedback generated but also created a way to carry on the priorities and goals of the community residents and partners through to implementation. The Grow Principles define and influence SVED’s initiatives, decision making and ability to direct development projects with a social return and benefit focus.