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2506 W Colfax: SVED Building

Located at the intersection of Lower Colfax and the South Platte River, across from the football stadium, is the first vertical development site within Sun Valley. Currently in schematic design, this building will be a multi-purpose commercial hub for office, community and district system education and monitoring. As a northern gateway into the neighborhood, this building will not only serve those entering into Sun Valley, but will also create a resource for the community within. Aligned with the ongoing neighborhood redevelopment, this facility will provide community benefitting space that includes the following:

  • 30,000 SF building
  • Hot Desk, Shared and Private Office Space
  • Dynamic Gallery Space (Community engagement, Art showings, Education)
  • Food Service
  • Black Box Theater
  • Information, Resource Center
  • Open Space and Landscaping shared with Lakewood Gulch
  • Net Zero Facility, LEED ND
  • "100 year" building design, adaptable over time

Begin Construction: 2017

International Food Market / Micro-Business

Since the very beginning of planning efforts and outreach in Sun Valley, food has been a top priority for residents and community members. SVED is committed to establishing a neighborhood based food system that celebrates the international roots within Sun Valley and also improves access to healthy food. SVED plans to develop an International Food Market, with supporting production and processing, that will structure improved food access in additional to providing micro-business and job opportunities for Sun Valley residents. 


  • 6,000 SF to house: local market, food storage and food prep
  • Both local and regional consumer base due to unique market position
  • Estimated 500 international, low-income families served
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Image of women selling food at international market


  • SVED will structure partnerships to offer training and experience in restaurant and food production businesses for low-income families
  • Anticipate space for up to 45 micro-businesses to locate in Sun Valley (mixed industries)
  • Considering two, separate locations within the neighborhood
  • 20% of micro-business/retail space set aside for low-income resident entrepreneurs
  • Food trucks, pop-up retail, fresh produce stands, hand-made goods and more

Aerial shot of indoor food market

Youth Hub

Over 50% of the population in Sun Valley is under the age of 18. Fairview Elementary School, located at the heart of the neighborhood, and child care providers like the Sun Valley Youth center are the support systems that keep much of the youth in Sun Valley healthy and happy. As voiced in community outreach meetings, additional child care, education and after school activities are in high demand for Sun Valley families. SVED is committed to developing a space to house these services and orchestrating partnerships with providers to program and operate the future Youth Hub. 

Current plans for the hub include:

  • 31,000 SF commercial building in Sun Valley
  • Multi-purpose space to support variety of child and student programming (cradle to career)
  • Beyond just the child, the Youth Hub will provide family services and support as well
  • Potential programs: STEM, art, music, career exploration, ministry/sacred space, youth-based family support, technology training, nutrition and healthy food access, and much more 
  • Anticipate 300-500 youth served annually

Library with children at computers